Testimonials from Congregants


“Your voice is from Heaven…you made the Temple Shine.

You truly have a wonderful personality and a voice to match!”

- Sandy Vita


“You’re a class act, my friend. The High Holy Day Services were wonderful!

You made the Service interesting and enjoyable!”

Adele and Marty Rudman


“You made our Holy Days a Miracle!”

Fanny Slonim


“Cantor Presler enhanced our High Holiday Services

with his Musical gifts…Bravo!”

Sydell Foreman


Cantor Richard Schwartz

The first time I heard David daven my jaw dropped and heart was uplifted!  David's spirit is at once playful, passionate, and deeply spiritual.

Ruth Nodiff, Concert Pianist, Accompanist

David Presler not only has a magnificent bass baritone voice, but he is able to teach proper vocal production to his students. I have been performing as his accompanist for the past three years. I've also had the pleasure of seeing and hearing several of his students during their vocal lessons.He is able to improve the quality and sound production of their voices by teaching physical mouth and voice exercises which they are able to do not by imitation but by following his instructions. I have witnessed tremendous improvement and highly recommend him as a voice teacher. Any serious student will be delighted by the progress achieved by studying with David Presler.

Norine Glick, Office Manager

David is a remarkable educator, coach, and performer with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of vocal techniques. His expertise ranges from Opera to Broadway  to Yiddish folk, and the Crooners.

He has the innate ability to  apply that knowledge to achieve outstanding results in his students. 

He is energetic, enthusiastic and genuinely wants his students to not only succeed, but to shine!

If you are serious about your 

singing and truly wish to be your best, allow David to lead you to fulfilling your dreams.  

I think this quote best describes David:

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.”


Cantor Rose Lopator, Soprano

I have known Cantor David Presler professionally, as a fellow Cantor and singer/performer, for many years. I had noticed my vocal top range and low range were not as good as in prior years.

I have been singing most of my adult life and to lose my voice would be devastating to me. There were other problems that I was experiencing with my voice as well. I asked Mr. Presler if he could help me, and he was confident that he could fix the problems and we began lessons.  

I had a two octave range at best and I wanted more. I am pleased to say that with each lesson my range is stretching and my throat doesn't get sore anymore after singing for hours.

Low notes and high notes are coming back and I'm delighted that with each lesson I see more and more improvement in my vocal range and proficiency. I highly recommend Mr. Presler as a voice teacher, it's hard work but so worth it. - 


Ziji Kaufman, Healer

I've known David Presler.for over 25 years,  and I can attest to his super high energy, abundant enthusiasm, immense creativity, and heart-centered intention to bring out a student's greatest potential. David has a far-ranging musicology knowledge, ranging from Opera to Broadway, to Jazz, to Classical, to Sacred Religious music like Cantorial, Gospel, Christian Choir, Spiritual New Age, etc. He is always expanding his musical knowledge, constantly seeking out and mastering new vocal techniques. David is also a master performer, having years of experience trying out and mastering how best to vocally deliver to an audience, whatever genre he's performing.

David can also help a student craft and polish their performances to meet the critical eyes of talent scouts and stand out during showcase auditions.


- Cliff Sommerville, Vocal Student

I took many lessons with David when I needed brushing up and reminding of technique. He has enthusiasm to share. I wanted to sing higher notes clearly and with dynamics that suited the tone of the music. David worked with me to build my vocal range and my confidence. His encouraging style of giving direction and teaching the mechanics of the voice and sound generation made me enjoy my lessons more and more as we went along. I recommend you talk with him and see for yourself. Everyone can sing. Learning proper technique for voice and breath control and working towards developing your own style takes a good teacher! - Cliff S.

- Frank Doran, Adult Voice Student

David PRESLER has been my voice teacher for the past year and has helped me improve my vocals immensely through his special techniques & unique method!

David is an accomplished Opera singer but also has a wide range and experience in many types of music. The most important quality that David has other than his vast knowledge of vocals is his excellent teaching skills! He is a great communicator and very relatable in explaining the techniques that he teaches and he makes learning fun and that makes it much more enjoyable! I can't thank DAVID enough for what he has done for me!

Gonzalo Ibarra, Vocal Student

David Presler is an amazing Vocal teacher, honestly one of the best I have ever experienced. He is funny very welcoming and very passionate about what he does. He has made me feel very comfortable with my passion in music and myself 

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